Heart of Dreams Caroline Fyffe



Heart of Dreams - Book Four of the Colorado Hearts Series

Journey back to the frontier of Eden, Colorado in USA Today bestselling author Caroline Fyffe's Heart of Dreams, a story of danger, deliverance, love--and what matters most.

Still reeling from a broken heart, Katie Brinkman, the youngest of the Brinkman sisters, does her best to keep busy. When the sympathetic glances of the townspeople drive her into the wilderness for a much-needed day away, she stumbles upon a man close to death. A man who appears to be on the other side of the law. Unwilling to leave him to die, Katie throws her sisters into a panic when she returns with the dangerous-looking fellow and insists on nursing him back to health. Has Katie's destiny arrived, or is her life--and those of her family and the residents of Eden--in peril?

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